Tyanlo KODY29 Butterfly Whisk

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By Tyanlo

KODY 29 is a multicooker that can automatically adjust the heat, temperature, and stir-frying frequency according to recipes, allowing you to master such cooking techniques of Chinese cuisine as stir-frying, steaming, simmering, stewing, brining... without any practice. It stores thousands of recipes labeled with ingredient amounts and seasoning formulas in its system. All you need to do is to put the ingredients and seasonings into the jar, then click Start and wait for the dish to be served. In other words, as long as you can handle a washing machine, you can prepare Chinese cuisine.


JAR: For food stir-frying, stewing and mixing

Steamer: For steaming

Stir-frying blades: For stir-frying

Multi-function blades: For grinding and mixing

Kneading blade: For dough kneading

Butterfly whisk: For whipping or washing

Basket: For ingredient draining

Spatula: For scraping food out of jar

Cleaning brush assembly: For jar bottom cleaning


Rated voltage: 120V, 60Hz

Rated power: 1600W

Motor speed: 60 - 7000rpm

Heating temperature: 37~180℃

Jar capacity: 2.12qt


The Tyanlo KODY29 redefines cooking by integrating innovation, versatility, and convenience into one powerful device. Combining the functions of multiple appliances in one unit, freeing up significant space in your kitchen. KODY29 comes with over 1400+ free guided recipes, taking your culinary experience to unparalleled heights. It streamlines your cooking journey like never before.

21 cooking functions:Its prepping functions include: mincing, kneading dough, weigh/scale(Built-in scale), whisk, cream whipping, grinding, fermenting, meat rinsing, veg refresh and more.Its cooking functions include: stir-frying, deep frying, steaming, stewing, boil, mix, keep warm, juice, smoothie, porridge, and jam, rice and more.

1400+ recipes from professional chefs, constantly updated.Varied cuisine options, including local and Chinese dishes, hot meals, baked goods, desserts, and drinks.Diet recipes for weight loss, muscle gain, digestion, nutrition, and male enhancement. No need to worry about the taste – it's easy to operate, just follow the recipes, and you can create delicious dishes.

Tyanlo pioneers precise a groundbreaking 180°C precision temperature control with rapid heating technology. The temperature is adjustable from 37°C to 180°C, offering precise control through 10 heating levels to ensure perfect culinary outcomes.

DIY functions: Customize your cooking according to your preferences by adjusting the heat, temperature, blade speed, and time.

3 different blade options—Stir-frying blade, Kneading blade, and Multi-function blade, allowing better handling and cooking of various ingredients.

Auto-clean functions: regular cleaning & deep cleaning.

Double-layered steamer, cooking three dishes in one time.

Safe and smoke-free, the KODY29 ensures a clean cooking environment without oil splatters. Overheat protection, and a secure locking system, making it ideal and user-friendly for all ages, ensuring enjoyable cooking for the whole family.

Environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, surpassing induction cookers in energy conservation.

Chinese cuisine requires stir-frying

"Stir-frying" represents the most basic and important cooking technique for Chinese cuisine, which brings heat into full play and allows you to cook a variety of ingredients in just 10 seconds or so.

It is also the most difficult Chinese cooking technique to learn, requiring us to well coordinate the 4 elements of heat, temperature, time, and stir-frying force as if we were conducting an orchestra.

And stir-fries go perfectly with rice, so Chinese home cooking is largely featured by stir-fries.

Stir-frying is the only key to decoding Chinese cuisine!

What does the "Fully Automatic" Chinese Cuisine Stir-Frying Jar mean?

During a cooking process, KODY will automatically adjust the 4 parameters of heat, temperature, time and stir-frying force according to the program preset in the recipe.

All you need to do is to put in the ingredients, then click Start. Dish up.

Watch the video to learn how KODY29 prepares a dinner

5 seconds to heat oil 5 minutes to complete a dish

Blades designed for stir-frying

Upand down stir-frying: The ingredients will not be half-cooked but will get thoroughly cooked faster.

Widerblades: Even stir-fried at a high speed, the ingredients will not get broken.

1,457 recipes to serve up authentic Chinese flavors

Our chefs come from all over China to share the traditional flavors of their respective hometowns.

We promise: The recipes will be available for free forever.

Download our App to browse all the recipes.

In addition to the screen that comes with the machine, our APP can also control KODY remotely. You can find all the functions and recipes of KODY on our APP. Click the link below for downloading.

Do not forget that KODY29 is also an All in one multicooker with 21 cookingmodes, making it a versatile robot for home use.

Mostimportantly, it can realize automatic cleaning

Tyanlo advocates a healthy Chinese diet and labels each recipe with nutritional components